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Female Mumbai Escorts Service With Sonali Sharma2015-06-28
Mumbai Escorts Next day morning I woke up early wore my bra and panties and my shirt and pant and informed my wife that I'll go home change the dress and come for breakfast so that I'll go back to office, she said okay, asusual I got back home, since anyway I'll get back to home I thought why not wear bra and panties to work today also, so I wore under my male clothes went to my wife house, MIL welcome me and she helped me have my breakfast my wife also joined with me, at that time she hugged me and thanked me for consoling at that huge loss, 

I said it's okay aunty and started having my breakfast, while starting to office my wife kissed me, my MIL also kissed me on forehead, I started to office and started my work, people who crossed my cabin had a small laugh, one my boss p.a sharmila while crossing she commented, Salim don't hesitate to ask for lipstick or foundation, you can find them on my cabin, I was totally dumbfounded, what d heck? Mumbai Escorts Service I went to restroom and saw a small bindi kept on my forehead, but who did this? Then I remembered it must be mom or MIL, I removed it and came back to my cabin and started my work back, again the same P.A sharmila crossed my cabin, Salim where is your bindi ya, I thought I finally got a girl colleague, and you broke my dream so soon?, she laughed, I said please don't joke ya, it was a fun I had this morning I just came like that to office, sharmila said it's okay 

Mumbai Escorts Salim you looked good anyway in that, with that note she came next to and had a girly cheek to cheek kiss, while doing kept her hand on my shoulders, quickly aware that I'm wearing a bra, I took her hand off immediately, she smiled again and it's okay Salim, I've a brother like you, I'll help you, are u gay?, I said no sharmila I just u know like to wear for adventure that'd all, please don't say to anyone plsss, she smiled again and left, I was completely shaking what to do, at lunch she came and sat next to me and ate, she asked about my hobbies and how it all started like that, I managed to answer, Mumbai Escorts Service after office hours before I leave sharmila quickly entered my cabin and placed a bindi on my forehead, and said you came like that why not go with that, if you don't want to open my mouth, I said why are u doing this, she had a smile and told I ve a plan. Ull get to know soon dear ahhhhhhhhhh what u call urself yahhh Sabina ok, and put some lipstick and she came with me till my wife home, I felt very nervous to enter MIL house like that, but both MIL and wife didn't said anything....

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